Samples Order Form

We are happy to send you samples of any of our products, and charge just $15.00
to cover postage + packing, credit for which will be given with your next order.

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Did you know …

Our products are FSC certified
& climate friendly

Our products are climate friendly and Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified?
You can check our certification at the following links:
ID # 11392-1402-1001
ID # C084581

We use biodegradable void fillers

We use biodegradable void fillers (made from water-soluble starch) when we ship products to you.
Fillers are contained in brown, recyclable paper bags to avoid mess when unpacking.
It is our intent to minimize the use of plastic polybags or bubble wrap wherever possible.

Our net profits go to endangered kids

Your purchase of our packaging helps support the Endangered Child Foundation, whose prime mission is to find realistic and practical solutions for the rescue and rehabilitation of exploited and otherwise endangered children, and to support the tactical initiatives of CTECC, the Child Trafficking, Exploitation, and Cybercrimes Commission.